AA and Medicine

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking

I was speaking to another member in the program the other day and I heard some really horrible stories on people who where on medications by a doctor and they where told by an old timer that they should not take medicine. We, the group as a whole should NOT be giving guidance on medications because we are NOT doctors. One horror story I have heard is a woman listened to one of the old timers and she ended up hospitalized for a whole entire month because she lost her mind.

If we are going to help other’s in the program we MUST live by example. Just because one member does not need medication does not mean the depressed, bipolar, anxious, paranoid alcoholic does not need medication. Everyone has a different chemistry in their bodies and react in different ways. Just because one member tells you that you dont need to take your medication does NOT mean that you should stop taking it. Consult your physician if you are concerned.

Also, there are those too that may also be on a certain type of narcotic that they can not just stop taking. I have met many people around the tables that are on pain medication for certain surgery’s and ¬†diagnosed problems and they cant just stop taking the medication if they choose to do so, they MUST be weaned off. ¬†For me as long as they are coming to meetings, only means that they want to be a member and have the right to be there no matter what kind of medications they take.

We are NOT relationship counselors, financial managers, doctors, lawyer’s and so on.

So next time someone around the tables shares with you that they are on medication, don’t become a doctor in 5 seconds.

God Speed my Sisters and Brothers