Living the dream

Be careful what you wish for, they said. You might just get what you asked for. Living the dream today is not what I had expected but much more. Having Peace and Serenity in my life keeps me humble and grateful. For all the things I thought I could not have in the beginning God has given me so much more. Life is not what I thought it would be and being able to make my own choices about situations has led me to lay down some very healthy boundaries. ¬†Even though I dont have the nice home, the luxury car and the family I wanted so badly I have what I need and this my friends is more important to me then anything I could ever ask for. I Love Life today and stay in the moment. Getting to go to meetings and chat with other friends around the table, asking God to please watch over me and help me to do his will today, being able to pick up the phone and call another person that is in recovery that understands exactly where I’m coming from is worth more then anything I could have asked for in my life and so much more. I have the tools today to forgive, WOW, I never expected that. I have the tools to ask God to take away all my resentments and bad thoughts is such a Blessing in disguise.

  • Living the dream for me today is being able to roll out of my bed and knowing that I don’t have to worry about what I did the night before and being able to get on my knees in the morning and ask God to help me do his will for the next 24 hours.
  • Living the dream for me today is being able to know when to speak and when not to speak.
  • Living the dream for me today is being able to deal with life in general and anything that may come my way in that next 24 hours.
  • Living the dream for me today is choosing to look at life in a positive way.
  • Living the dream for me today is being able to have God back in my life and accepting me for who I’am without judging me.
  • Living the dream for me today is Life itself.

Life is good and being able to sit here and share with everyone the life I have been given (Only by the Grace of God) is something I will always be Grateful for.

So as I finish up, what is your dream you are living?

God Speed My Friends


When life goes good

Had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. Enjoyed the activities of the birthday party with the great food and awesome company. I rarely get a chance to enjoy life such as this, there is always some type of drama or chaos that gets started at these functions. Luckily, the birthday party was great and a memory I will always cherish. My daughter was happy and enjoying herself and we were all running around spraying each other with a hose. No yelling, no one threatening one another just plain fun. I sure miss those times and it makes me strive to want to work towards more of those memories. Oh how I love family functions when they go right. ♥