Being a Peacemaker

As I was reading Language of Letting go for today I was reading about being a peacemaker. It talked about getting in the ¬†middle. Before my sobriety I was always in the middle of someone else’s business. I couldn’t hold my tongue and I had to feel important. My life was full of chaos and insanity and I thrived off of living off of someone else’s misery by always being in the middle of everything. I had sick opinions and would make situations worse.

Today, By The Grace of God, I choose to stay out of the chaos and insanity and live in peace and serenity. I dont have to get involved in other people’s business. I need to make sure that I’m useful to others and since chaos and insanity gives me that sick gut feeling today my choice is to remove myself from any situation that may effect my sobriety. I have to let others be responsible for their actions and their choices today.

Today I can choose not to get caught up in other people’s problems. I can have peace.

We are bearers of peace by staying peaceful ourselves.

God Speed my Brothers and Sisters


NOTE: I googled peacemaker images and all that popped up was guns.  *hilarious*