Sharing the Bad

I started this blog to share my past stories of abuse and experience I went through to grow. I’m finding it hard to follow through and struggling with myself to even go there. This confuses me as I have spoken about it in therapy years ago and thought that I had gotten better at sharing. Don’t get me wrong I have many of memories that I can share but when sharing it is always a process. As an abused person it is like re-living that memory all over again and re-hashing those feelings of abandonment, fear, terror, and loneliness.  I love my life today and don’t like interrupting it with all the negative energy, and feelings but I know by sharing I get stronger and stronger. Today I struggle to share but once out I feel empowered.  I want the healing process to begin again and start the journey of letting go. So with this said I’m going to try to focus on getting my story out.

God Speed all my Brothers and Sisters


6 thoughts on “Sharing the Bad

  1. Kelly says:

    At times I think it is much easier to verbalise things orally because sometimes my brain seems to baulk at writing the words. Perhaps it is because my brain has to think about each word longer in order to write it?


  2. fern says:

    Everything has its time and place. No pressure from me — it will happen when you are ready. And perhaps you have already done that piece of healing and it is no longer pertinent to today’s journey.

    Whatever! I like your blog and will continue to read it. 🙂



  3. Don’t force it out. When it’s time, you’ll know. The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. Too, are you comfortable with your audience? The anonymity of the internet is a wonderful thing, but even with that, we can sometimes feel too exposed or judged. You take care of you and we’ll be here ready to listen and give you loving support if and when you decide to open up. ❤


    • I appreciate your in-put, I really don’t mind sharing my past, it is the process of re-living it. Having to re-live the negative is the hardest thing for me to do. I know once shared I re-live that moment and it brings me back to that moment of abuse and for me that is the hardest part, that moment in time when the action took place. Once shared I start the healing process. I appreciate that a person that I don’t even know thinks about my feelings. It is the most humane thing to do and to know there are still people out there that truly care and have compassion for another human being gives me much hope and that not all people are out there to intentionally hurt or harm other’s as they go through and deal with their abuse. *big hugs*



  4. Ellie Sofia says:

    I am thinking of you, TBH and admire your courage. Good luck on your journey. I will be here x


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