Ordered my book

Last night I finally broke down and ordered the book Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. Many years ago I had the book and read it with all of my other daily meditations but I passed that book onto one of my sponcee’s.  I defiantly recommend this book for anyone in recovery as it shares many solutions on dealing with different situations. If you have not noticed I have a link posted on my page called Property Lines and this page comes from that book and has been a big life changer for me.

I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas now having to wait for the books to get here in the mail. I ordered an extra one just in case I have another sponcee I would like to pass one onto to. Excited to read and relate to all of her daily meditations and willing to work on myself on a daily basis this book means so much to me and helped me get through the 12 steps of AA early on in sobriety. So, with all this said, with butterflies in my stomach whatever daily meditation you can relate to read it. Mine always helps me just for that day.


God Speed all my Brothers and Sisters


One thought on “Ordered my book

  1. Excited for you- things always seem to appear at the correct time on our journeys


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