Saving Me

This past week I have had 5 visits from all types of religions.

  • First: The Jehovah Witnesses
  • Second:  The Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Third: The Baptist Church
  • Fourth: The Church of Latter Day Saints Again.
  • Fifth: The Jehovah Witnesses Again.

Now for some reason these people feel obligated to save me, just like my father says “My purpose in life is to save you”.

WHAT? I’m a responsible human being and I have a relationship with my Higher Power whom I choose to call God.

What is going on with all these religious beliefs?

I don’t come to your home and knock on your door and ask you if you believe the way I do. I don’t ask you to come to a 12 Step Meeting. Actually I think this would solve everyone’s problems. I don’t tell you that you are going to hell if you don’t go to a 12 Step Meeting.

I want to ask them how many times a week do they pray? Most of them if they are honest are going to say 3 because that is how many times most of these people attend church a week.

I pray 14 times a week. Morning and evening everyday. Probably more then they do. My relationship with God is stronger than it has ever been. I tried their way in the past and it never worked.

Dont get me wrong, I respect what they believe, I just don’t believe in showing up at someone’s door and telling them “If you dont believe the way I believe you are going to Hell”. This statement was shared with me all through my life and almost ended my life. I became an alcoholic and all my hope was gone, I gave up on myself because I was damned for life. Good Lord people cant you just say “Hi, my name is Joan, and I just want to give you some hope, I will not judge you, or lie to you, I will show compassion and accept you the way that you are”.

Stop the abuse of telling people they will go to Hell if they do NOT believe. Start giving people hope that God is a Loving God, A Forgiving God, An Accepting God, and a Hopeful God. Stop Damning Everyone because they don’t have your beliefs!

Whatever you are in religion does not make who you are as a person, your actions and words make who you are. If you truly want to spread Gods word you MUST live it, it is the only way to truly get believers.

I live what I believe everyday and I show kindness and compassion to everyone.

  • The Atheist
  • The Agnostic
  • The Prostitute
  • The Drug Addict
  • The Sinner

I live my life as God would want me to.

Giving people hope. Do You?

Stop trying to save me and focus on what Jesus did. He never judged one person.

I’ am a Christian and I’m Proud of it!

God Speed my Brothers and Sisters


7 thoughts on “Saving Me

  1. betternotbroken says:

    Well, magical thinking helped me get through many an issue, perhaps it was just a sign of encouragement from the Universe. That is how I would look at it.


  2. Teela Hart says:

    “Hi, my name is Joan, and I just want to give you some hope, I will not judge you, or lie to you, I will show compassion and accept you the way that you are”.
    Thank you for being honest.


  3. Teela, You made me smile. *hugs* TBH


  4. A Big AMEN to that post! The church I attend here in the South made history today…..crossed all kinds of legalistic barriers in organized religion…ready for this?????Instruments in worship! This was never an issue for me as I am a mixed religion kind of person…but oh my…….for those of the legalistic traditions…it was a milestone…Unity and Purpose…I had never appreciated instruments in worship as much as I did today as I witnessed this event. It was beautiful…


    • I was raised in a church were you were not to have any instruments so I can relate. My father lives in Ga. and he still thinks that any church that plays music with instruments in a church is a cult. I love the band and singing at church.


  5. Sadly, people like this really believe they have an exclusive on salvation. To the point they are willing to cut their own children out of their lives. Personally, if I had to choose between eternity without my children and a few scant years here with them, I’m not choosing eternity.


  6. Ellie Sofia says:

    I think this is an excellent and powerful post and i respect you for speaking out and sharing your opinion x


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