Thought for the Day

A.A. Thought for the Day 3-20-2014

We in A.A. are offering an intangible thing; a
psychological and spiritual program, it’s a wonderful
program. When we learn to turn to a Higher Power, with
faith that that Power can give us the strength we need,
we find peace of mind. When we reeducate our minds by
learning to think differently, we find new interests that
make life worthwhile. We who have achieved sobriety
through faith in God and mental reeducation are modem
miracles. It is the function of our A.A. program to
produce modem miracles. Do I consider the change in my life a modern miracle?

Meditation for the Day

You should never doubt that God’s spirit is always with
you, wherever you are, to keep you on the right path.
God’s keeping power is never at fault, only your
realization of it. You must try to believe in God’s
nearness and availability of His grace. It is not a
question of whether God can provide a shelter from the
storm, but of whether or not you seek the security of
that shelter. Every fear, worry, or doubt is disloyalty
to God. You must endeavor to trust God wholly. Practice
saying: “All is going to be well.” Say it to yourself
until you feel it deeply.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may feel deeply that all is well. I pray
that nothing will be able to move me from that deep conviction.


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