A New Day

Some days I have things happen in my life that are compactly out of my control and I have no idea how to deal with the situation. It could be something as small as a person being mad at me to someone talking about me, to chaos and insanity. Today I get that gut feeling. It took me a while in working the steps to get that instinct but I have it now. I do not want to allow others to take me down with them so I choose to focus on myself and prayer for the strength to get through what ever circumstance it may be. I’m an alcoholic and sometimes allow outside influences to dampen my spirits so I really need to stay close to God and ask him to please help me to do his will and not mine.  When I find myself getting anxious or over whelmed I can find a quiet place and ask God to please help me to do his will and not mine.  I also pray asking God to please take that feeling away from me. All I can do today is use the tools that were given to me and when I dont I become un-useful to others and myself. Sometimes I have to realize that it is not always about me and that I need to focus on myself and move forward. This is easier said then done but if I do choose to apply the program it does get easier and eventually everyone around you will notice the change.  The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions are there for a reason and if I keep turning over my will and working the steps the promises will come true. So in today I will ask God to please give me the strength to do his will and not mine and pray that I’m not selfish or self centered. Let me be useful to others.

God Speed my Brothers and Sisters



4 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. it is so difficult to feel stable sometimes, isn’t it? I could so relate to your comment that sometimes it can be a small thing (someone being mad at us) that threatens to tip us over. thanks for a posting of such hope as you describe your process.


    • Yes, it is. I have to remove myself from the situation most times just to get clarity of what is really going on. Sometimes it is not me, sometimes that person may be going through something difficulties in life and is lashing out. Just have to apply what I know and remember that I can pray. *hugs*


  2. ardisanelson says:

    Thanks for stopping by and following both of my blogs (CelebrateRecoveryOnThePlateau.org) and my personal blog, MakingMeBold. I can tell that you are working hard on your recovery. Keep at it. You are worth it. Oh, and I love how you labeled your ‘community widget’ as your support team. Finding the right support team is key to recovery. I hope that you have found that with your readers. 🙂 Ardis


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