Tis The Season

It has been a while since I have shared on my blog and I feel there is a need to now that is near the holidays. I have grown so much and I’m Grateful for all the people in my life today and would not want it any other way. Lot’s of things have been going on with me but I’m able to accept it for what it is right here and right now in this moment. I remember the same time last year I was in a depression and crying all the time feeling as if I could not help myself. (working a program helps with removing some of this). This year I find myself walking into the shopping malls and stores singing holiday cheer and smiling at all these people with no smiles on their faces. What a big difference in working a program and not working a program.

Seems that many people stray from working their program as they get comfortable with where they are and they forget and the mental relapse starts (this has happened to me). Sometimes you can catch this and get back on track and sometimes it is just too late. Most people are struggling a lot around the holiday season with deaths and family. For me the next right thing to do when you dont know what to do is to pray, this was passed onto me and now I pass it onto you. Prayer is a very powerful tool but if you dont use it how can it work?

Family is a touchy subject for me as I dont go near mine anymore. Thank God for Al-Anon. Now some of you may be able to visit with your families ans by The Grace of God you have that family relationship but I choose not to be near mine for my Peace and my Serenity. I would have never known how to deal with my family if it wasn’t for Al-Anon and my long time friends around the tables. Today my family is my sobriety sisters, the people around the tables, and my sponcer and my church. I do associate with my children, my brother, some of my cousins and my father but these are mostly long distance relationships. This process of having a Happy Holiday took a lot of hard work on my part and a lot of change. Today I could sit at home alone and know that I’m loved but that took some years of hard work. Besides none of my sober family would never allow that today. *smiles*

With these holidays coming up I have also found myself doing a lot of volunteer work. I love volunteer work and I love making it my own. (Anyone that knows me knows I will add my own twist onto anything to make it more fun.)
Such as…
Ringing a bell with lots of friends ringing with me and singing Christmas Carols and doing the Holiday dance while making people smile.
Giving to others who are less fortunate then me….I love this one because it is always nice to give to someone who really needs it.
Sharing my home to another person who is struggling or who is a newcomer around the tables. My suggestion is dont do this unless you have some experience and time behind your belt.

Find something to do for someone else and it will drag you right out of self and into an inner peace and happiness you never thought you had.


One thought on “Tis The Season

  1. I don’t do family either and now both of my horrible, horrible parents… are dead. I have my twin sister, though she’s 400 miles away. My brother is just painful to be around. He’s a crazed person from a crazed family, and he doesn’t have a program like me and my sister do. We’re both sober and both spiritual in our own way. I’m Christian and she’s Urantian.


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