I hate this saying…

For the past couple of years I have heard the word “Christian” used way too loosely. Too many people are using the Christian excuse for their bad behavior and I don’t agree with it at all. I have been attacked on certain social networking sites for speaking my opinion on the Chick Filet Scandal and I was told that if I don’t agree with one certain persons beliefs that I don’t believe in the bible. Now all I want to know is who made that person judge and jury? Just because I have compassion for others does not make me a bad person, matter of fact I have the gift of discernment. I’m a sensitive and can feel when others are in pain. Look by no means do I want to be a lesbian but did Jesus treat Mary Magdalene like a criminal and attack her and tell her that God does not believe in prostitution? Of course not! He lead by example.Your not the one responsible for their actions, are you going to be punished by God for not changing their opinion, No. So have some compassion for others and stop being so afraid. Too many people want to force their opinions on others by using knowledge and it’s not about what I can remember in a book, it’s about my actions and the way that I live today and everyday. Yes I have been baptized, and yes I have knowledge of the bible, but beating people over the head with this information by no means helps anyone. What does help is me living the bible not talking it. People can see another persons actions and then hear what they are saying if they don’t match how are they to help another person? No, I have not attended church recently and you would think after 2 years of attending someone would be checking on me but this story is for another day. Does this mean that I don’t believe in God and that I should judge others? No. Does it mean that I have no relationship with God and that I’m not a Christian? No, I was told by the church that I have been forgiven. Does it mean because a person that attends church every Sunday is more Christian then I’am? Well I hope not. I have a relationship with God even more now. Look all I’m saying is that if you call yourself a Christian apply the actions from the bible into your life and live it, don’t go around throwing bible verses at others lives that you don’t believe in. Why spend time hating and judging and not getting to know that person as a humane being and not some stereo-type you have thrown on them. Fear drives many people and we are all humane.
Know one on this earth is perfect. I’m so sick and tired of people who call themselves Christian behave worse then a non Christian. Stop using the word as a scape goat and be a humane being and relate to people. You never know who’s life you may change by your actions.

Have Gratitude and Live!

Gratitude opens all possibilities.
Gratitude can change all situations for the positive.
Gratitude is the most powerful tool for growing abundance and creating wealth.
Gratitude is the most significant tool for enhance and building relationships.
Gratitude effects your physical and mental health in positive ways.
Gratitude is a strong tool for changing self-defeating or negative behavior.
Gratitude aids significantly in the recovery of abuse and neglect.
Gratitude actually changes the way your brain processes information.
Gratitude is available for anyone who knows how to harness it.
Most people do not yet use gratitude to its full potential.


4 thoughts on “I hate this saying…

  1. I am not a religious person. I do not follow any book or it’s tenants. So when I leave this comment it’s not in defense of religion. It is in the defense of people’s motivations.

    Have you considered the idea that some people believe that to go against the bible is to damn oneself and that some people, based on this belief, are actually trying to save another person’s soul?

    In essence, a train is coming and they’re trying help someone who has falling on the tracks before they get run over. The motivation is to help someone, even a stranger.

    Now, of course, there are plenty of people in the world using religion as their justification to strike down those who do not accept their way of life but the motivation there is violent and selfish.

    Anyway, food for thought.


  2. Yes, I have since I use to be one of those people myself. I use to believe that if you did not believe what I believed (the bible) that you were damned. As an Ordained Minister today I choose to lead by compassion and understanding and not forcing my opinion down someone’s throat.

    All I can do is lead the heard to water, I cant make them drink. Most people who do not want to change don’t, I know many people from many denominations and I accept the fact that what ever they believe that gives them a closer relationship with their God works then so be.

    Who am I to judge if they don’t worship my bible?
    Does this make them a bad person?
    Should I judge them for not believing what I believe?
    Should I automatically assume that since they don’t believe in my bible and don’t worship my God they are going to hell?

    There are so many good people in many walks of life. We need to open our hearts and close our eyes.
    I have no right to make that decision for them but to allow them to make the decision for themselves.
    I believe in saving a person but just in a different way. My approach is less subtle.

    If I walk the walk there are more results.
    If I talk the talk and keep on talking the results will be nil.

    I believe the only way to truly save a soul is to be humble and walk as Jesus did. This does not mean throwing in my opinion of what I think the bible verse’s say. Just share with those who want it or at a point in their lives where they are in desperate need of it.

    My beliefs are mine.
    Your beliefs are yours.
    And I respect that we have different beliefs.
    Thank You and no offense here. šŸ™‚


  3. psuades says:

    I am an atheist, and the things you’ve stated here are very true. I try not to think of christians as a bad group of people, but people who use it “as an excuse for bad behavior” really make me sick. Religion is supposed to be a sacred holy relationship with who you believe is the creator of all things and many people spit on this. Thank you for putting this into perspective for people.


  4. shoe1000 says:

    i Thank my Ggod that I dont follow the divisiveness of religion
    Because it is nothing more than an attempt to get me to think
    like them
    Sorry, been there done that, turned it in for a newer, more
    relevant to life of today, model.
    Thanks for following and I look forward to reading your thoughts.


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