I find that this word is a very powerful word and can be used as many means of control over others. There are so many types of guilt that are also used and the list below are only a few.

  • Guilt from others expectations- Not living up to cultural expectations.
  • Guilt from not taking action- Guilt of doing or being.
  • Religious Guilt- Not being able to forgive yourself.
  • True Guilt- Being faithful to yourself.
  • False Guilt- Feeling guilt towards yourself for doing what another person wanted.
  • Guilt of shame – Feeling that you have done something wrong from another persons actions.
  • Survivor Guilt- Feeling you were less injured or less damaged than others.

    The Responsibility Guilt is when you do something wrong and you feel you need to make the situation right. An Ego Driven Guilt is when you start to realize you have done something wrong and decide to build a resentment towards others. You have to make others feel worse than you feel and go out of your way to manipulate the situation to work in your favor. By acting out in the Ego Driven Guilt a person becomes so consumed in trying to hurt another they become a miserable person themselves. Most people who carry this guilt can not hide their misery.

    You cant depend on others for your own happiness. Why should another person suffer for the way that you feel?

    So, there are many types of guilt and I choose to live focusing on what is in front of me and not behind me, I cant do anything about what happened yesterday but I can deal with all of the old behaviors that I have built up to protect myself as a child when I was being abused. The tools that I have today can be use in my life to deal with certain situations, if not for those tools I don’t think I would be here today. The control over others is not my goal but to live my own life and deal with what comes my way makes me so much more peaceful today. Which would I rather be, miserable or happy? I choose the happy road of destiny.

    pnissila’s Blog “Guilt has a powerful triggering effect on a victim of abuse.”

    I truly believe this quote, guilt can ruin a victims life and they may never recover from it.


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    1. Kukogho Samson says:

      I like this…lovely


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