Mothers Day

I Love my life today and would never trade it for anything in the world. My daughters are all 3 taking me to church tomorrow and out for a Mothers Day Dinner. That is not the part I enjoy the most, don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy the time I have with my daughters and grand children but I love going to a super market and letting my 2 year old grandson loose on the floor to watch him in his innocence running all over the place looking at everything that fascinates him. He lets out a big ohhhhh and a ewwww and it makes me laugh, but to be able to enjoy those moments for what they are makes me truly grateful for everything I have today. Watching the grand children in their pure and raw moments just takes me back to that innocent little girl I once was and the trust and the love that my grand children have is so much. I’m happy that they have a life of no worries and that the cycle has been broken. Let children be children because they are only children once. I wish all the Mother’s all around the world The Best Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Sometimes when we sit still We watch all the miracles happen.

Happy Mothers Day To ALL Moms!


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