Learning Acceptance

I have found through working a 12 step program and learning to live life on life’s terms today sometimes dealing with negative people and their actions can be very hurtful, especially when the actions come from family. I cant change someone’s negative behavior but I can feel comfortable in my own skin knowing I don’t have to spend any of my lifetime looking for ways to hurt others. The time that is spent hurting others is a horrible way to live because your not focusing on yourself and working on you and in the process of living that life you become a very miserable person and I don’t want any part of that. I don’t want to be one of those miserable person’s that are constantly looking for all the bad in anyone today, I feel good focusing on the positive and getting positive results in my life. So as I write this I may not have a family but that is my choice and I have set some healthy boundaries and I choose to be Happy and Grateful today. I surround myself with loving people who really care and will always be there for me to matter what and for this I’m truly grateful. So for all of you that have been with me through these past few years of life changing experiences and roller coaster rides I just want to say Thank You and I’m truly grateful that you are in my life today.


4 thoughts on “Learning Acceptance

  1. mckarlie says:

    I also don’t have a family due to my choice, the toxicity was too much. But I have my own kids and man now and have made my own family, i also spend most family get togethers with my best friend’s family who are very gracious. Sometimes it’s not the blood ties that follow us through life but the grace of beautiful friends.


  2. mckarlie says:

    Yeah I placed a lot of self worth on what they thought of me, I thought ‘surely if my own mother doesn’t love me then there’s something really truly wrong with me’ – then I realized through therapy there was something wrong with how she mothered me, not something wrong with me. I’m so sorry you suffered segregation within your own family, it must be really tough to deal with. But at least you’re here and talking about it so you can relate with others, relating helps so much. Not our fault, theirs 🙂


  3. I think that was the hardest thing I had to look at in therapy was that my relationships were very sick with my family but I’m so Blessed by the people who are in my life today. I would have never known how to truly love myself if I would have never stopped being so co-dependent on others and learning to take care of me. I never knew anything else until I learned from others. *smiles*


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