I’m done hurting others for my benefit.

Cant stop thinking about all those years I have hurt others for my self gratification.

How I have hurt so many people in my life because I was so selfish and so self centered that I needed to justify my sick actions towards others by trying to take them down in a negative way. This is no way anything I’m proud of now and if you are one of the people I have hurt. I’m Truly Sorry.

I have learned the past 10 years on how to be a compassionate person and how I’m not as unique, better, and holier than though because I have not been were another person has been. I’m so ashamed of myself. Truly ashamed.

Today I know I don’t have to live that way and can identify with the pain a person is going through because that self righteous attitude is gone by , “The Grace of God”. I have learned that it’s OK to say I’m sorry, I have learned it’s ok to not always be right, I have learned that I dont have to be the center of attention, and most of all I have learned to love myself through changing my actions, surrounding myself with those who truly love me and the most important, Through God. I have learned to be still and walk Humbly through my life today knowing I’m loved.

If I would have known what I know now I don’t think I would have changed as I needed to go through what ever it was I was going through to learn my life lessons. I’m not perfect today and I don’t try to be perfect and I’m not fighting to try and be perfect anymore. We all sin, we all make mistakes, we all hurt others along the way and KNOW-ONE is excluded. It’s just that some hide it better then others.

Today I know that people who are pointing fingers and talking smack just don’t want to look at themselves. I know this because I was one of these people. If you are UN-happy and taking other peoples inventory and not looking at yourself I don’t even bother with getting involved with you. I know it takes what it takes and I cant fix it and sadly to say I have distanced myself from it because I choose not to partake in any negativity towards anyone today.

I have learned that I can live by example, and by my actions. Not trying to force someone to believe as I believe. I have learned no matter what that I can relate to almost anyone today because I have compassion in my heart.

God is:







and most of all

God is Love.

I don’t want to tell people how to live, I want to live it so I can show it through my actions today. I cant help anyone by forcing my opinions and my beliefs on others but I can always show them through being kind and compassionate and relating.

So, with all this said I leave it out there for everyone. My past is my past and God has forgiven me for it and he has accepted me for the way that I’m today and he allows me to help others through those mistakes I have made.

I Love my Life and I Love my Church and I Love the people I have surrounded myself with today and I have learned to Love me only through these actions.

So for anyone out there hurting, Always Remember, You are not alone and through all these struggles in life “God has a Plan for You”.

Have a Great Day folks and Spread some Kindness Today.


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