My first funeral speech of a very close friend.

Kevin Eppard


I want to start by saying, Kevin was not only my neighbor, but he was my friend and I know he has touched many lives, most of which are all sitting in this room today.

The first time I met Kevin I had just moved into my apartment building next door and he was quick to introduce himself.

He welcomed me into his life with open arms and offered his friendship and accepted me for who I was and never judged me. He befriended me right away. I could have never asked God for a better friend. I was very lonely and in need of someone in my life at that time and it was as if God put him there for a reason.

Kevin always had much knowledge and would share that with me at times, but I could never remember everything he told me because he was so full of information.

Kevin had such a big heart and always wanted to help do good, I was very inspired by his actions in life and he was always reaching out to people who needed help and offering his services.

He loved to go fishing, watch movies, go to the library, read books, go to yard sales, and The most important he was very active in his church and his community.

Kevin has always been a kind, caring, knowledgeable, God fearing man who only wanted one thing and that was to reach out and help others. I always respected and looked up to him because of his actions.

Kevin was always doing something Great whether it be helping out with The Women’s Center at Christian Ambience or Offering to do Food Pick-Ups for The Salvation Army Food Pantry, or just lending a kind ear when needed, or a helping hand.

Kevin would not only do these great things but he had a heart of gold when it came to anyone in need. He was always offering and never asking in return.

Kevin has surely made an impact in my life and for this I’m truly grateful and would like to extend my deepest condolences to Kevin’s family

But please know this: I’m sure that he is up there right now having a conversation with God asking him, What can I do to help today?

In my Prayers Today

I thought of you and came to view

You’re in my prayers today:

The light so bright and sun so shine’s

God is here with us today:

Your memory lives and kindness gives

So let’s rejoice of praise:

God has given you the greatest gift

A love of everything:

Your heart so shine’s and beams with light

How loved I feel today:

What lives you’ve changed

Your memory stays

In my prayers today.

R.I.P. Kevin D. Eppard



One thought on “R.I.P.

  1. dreadamara says:

    I’ve had to speak at funerals before and it always seems nearly impossible to find the words to do the person justice. I have a wonderful image of your friend by what you painted, so I am sure that many were comforted by your words as you seem to have paid a very touching tribute. My prayers to you.


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